This site is the web voice of the Jewish Committee on Scouting of Minnesota, a 501 c3 Company.

Mission Statement
It is our mission to promote Scouting within the Jewish Community; to be
the informative authority for the Council on Jewish Scouting, Jewish Holidays,
and practices; and to provide Scouting opportunities for Jewish youth.

Goals and Objectives

·      To elect from the Jewish Committee on Scouting the Diversity representative for Northern Star Council to sit on the Diversity Committee of the Council.

·      To inform and provide leadership to the Jewish community about programs of Scouting.

·      To have a positive impact throughout the Jewish Community in the Northern Star Council Area.

·      To develop and identify funding sources for the furtherance of Jewish Scouting for Kosher food; religious emblems and workbooks; and, scout scholarships.

·      To ensure that any unit sponsored by a Jewish Organization, Temple or Congregation has a representative on this committee.

Action Steps 

·      To make scouting available to all Jewish Youth.

·      To establish a Jewish sponsored Cub Scout Pack in St. Paul, a Venture crew within the Twin Cities, and maintain a full range of Scouting activities within the Jewish Community.

·      To offer Jewish Scouts headed to college, financial reward based on their Scouting Endeavors.

·      To speak to every Congregation within the Northern Star Council area.

·      To have Kosher food at every encampment.

·      To promote the achievement of the Jewish Emblems Awards program in Northern Star Council.


JCOSMN current has the following members as directors of the organization.  We serve the purpose and receive no enumeration for our service.

Scott Shmikler, President and Chairman of the Board
Mike Miller, Director, Vice Chair, Communications
Joel Mintzer, Director, Legal
Bill Robiner, Director
Helene Tapper, Director